Criminal Law

Any criminal conviction can result in severe and often lifelong consequences. Ohio law gives a range of penalties for each offense that usually include a maximum (and sometimes minimum) period of time of incarceration and a range of fines, along with court costs. These penalties are, by themselves, crushing and difficult to bear. The statutory penalties are only the beginning, however. You could also lose your driver’s license or your right to carry a firearm. Apartments could refuse to rent to you. Banks could view you as unstable and refuse your loan. A school could turn down your application.

Your employer does not have to keep your job open for you while you spend time in jail or prison. Even if you aren’t incarcerated, they are usually within their rights to fire you just based on a conviction. With a criminal record, it can be much harder to get a job. If you’re a teacher, nurse or member of certain other professions, conviction for certain offenses can lead to disqualify you from getting a job in your field. The consequences of a criminal conviction are dire. Don’t take chances. Hire the best attorney to build the strongest defense.

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